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Improvements to GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions runner has been updated to version 2.158.0 with the following improvements:

  • Support for Alpine based containers in job.<job id>.container andjob.<job id>.services.
  • Stop overriding the working directory for job.<job id>.services containers.
  • Fixed a bug where the runner would prefer a Dockerfile even if actions.yml is present.
  • The add-mask and set-secret commands are now supported. These enable actions to register additional masking patterns with the runner for log redaction.

GitHub now supports the WebAuthn standard for authentication. A broad array of security keys can be used across most major browsers (Apple will add support in Fall 2019). The following is supported: external hardware security keys, Android phones, Chrome with TouchID, iOS Brave with the Yubico 5Ci key, facial recognition or PIN with Windows Hello, as well as any new authenticators platform owners release in the future. No additional action is required for users with existing U2F hardware security keys.

Learn more about using security keys with GitHub

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