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Publishing a package no longer creates a release and other GitHub Package Registry updates

When publishing a package in GitHub Package Registry, a release and corresponding tag will no longer be created. When publishing a package with a version corresponding to an existing tag and release, the package is automatically associated with that release.

Support for using the GitHub Actions `GITHUB_TOKEN` to access packages in GitHub Package Registry has also been extended to NuGet packages. You can now publish and consume NuGet packages from Actions by adding `GITHUB_TOKEN` to your NuGet.config file as a password.

The triage and maintain roles now have expanded permissions. Users with the triage role can request reviews on pull requests, mark issues and pull requests as duplicates, and add or remove milestones on issues and pull requests. Updates to the maintain role include the ability to configure pull request merges, push to protected branches, and manage the interaction limits for assigned repositories.

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