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Jump to definition in public repositories

Jump to definition is now available for a subset of public repositories—supported in Go, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and TypeScript. Hovering over function and method calls will expose jump-to-definition links for all call sites in the blob content, within the same repository. We use the recently open-sourced semantic library to find definitions and call sites in your code.

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Check out the semantic library

The release of GitHub Desktop 2.0 includes four primary features:

  • Stashing: When you have uncommitted changes on a branch and attempt to switch branches, you can now choose to stash the changes on your current branch or bring the changes with you to the new branch.
  • Rebasing: You can now bring work from one branch to another via rebasing in addition to merging.
  • Organizing repositories in GitHub Desktop: Repositories are now grouped by owner, and for users with more than 6 repositories, your most recent repositories will be visible at the top of the list.
  • Pull request integration: Pull requests in GitHub Desktop are now near real-time with the pull requests on, and you can easily create a pull request from the suggested next step in Desktop.

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