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Exclude labels from search

Excluding labels is now easier by using the alt keyboard modifier (or  on macOS) in an issue or pull request list filter to choose which labels you want to omit from your search.

Learn more about excluding certain search results on GitHub

Excluding labels with search

Organizations can now add community health files to a specially named .github repository to serve as organization-wide defaults for all repositories within their organization.

You can add CONTRIBUTING, SUPPORT, CODE_OF_CONDUCT, ISSUE_TEMPLATE(S), or PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE(S) files to a public, organization-owned .github repository, and if a given community health file doesn’t exist for a repository, the organization-wide default will be used.

While the file itself won’t appear in the file browser or Git history for each repository, it will be surfaced throughout developers’ workflows, such as when opening a new issue or when viewing the Community Profile, just as if it were committed to the repository directly.

For more information, see creating a default community health file for your organization.

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