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Improved Insights and Transactions on GitHub Marketplace

Integrators with GitHub Marketplace listings can now see improved metrics and charts around free subscriptions, free trials, and conversion performance.

Additionally, we’ve added a Transactions tab for you to explore your customer subscription data and export a CSV fle for tax & audit purposes.

These new features are only available for integrators that have listings on the GitHub Marketplace.

Please visit our documentation for an insights overview or transactions overview.

GitHub Desktop 1.5 release

The release of GitHub Desktop 1.5 includes three important improvements:

  • You can now easily initiate a merge from the branch dropdown, and it’s much more intuitive which branch you’re merging and the direction of the merge.
  • If you encounter a merge conflict, GitHub Desktop now guides you through the process of resolving the conflicts and completing the merge successfully.
  • You can now clone, create, or add repositories to GitHub Desktop right from the repository dropdown.

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