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Highlighting of permalinked comments

When following a permalink to a specific comment in an issue or pull request, the comment is now highlighted so that you can easily find it among other comments in the thread. For more information on commenting check out the documentation.

Since 2016, organizations have been able to block users from their projects, preventing blocked users from opening or commenting on issues or pull requests and further disrupting otherwise constructive conversations around your code.

If after a warning and cool-off period the user is willing to change their behavior, you may want to allow them to participate in your community once again. In addition to the existing permanent bans, organizations can now block users for 24 hours, three days, a week, or a month, after which time they will be automatically unblocked. Many community managers manually implement this “time out” process today, and we hope that by making it easier, more communities will adopt this community management best practice.

For more information about blocking a user from your organization, see the documentation.

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Security Settings Update

We have redesigned the two-factor authentication profile settings to make it easier to keep your account up to date. You will occasionally be prompted with a reminder to confirm your settings are correct to avoid being locked out of your account.

For more information on securing your account with two-factor authentication, please view our documentation.

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