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Marketplace Apps added to the Explore and Topics pages

You can now view apps listed from the GitHub Marketplace on the Explore page as well as topic pages. We made this improvement to help users find the tools they need as they are exploring on GitHub. With this improvement, categories from the GitHub Marketplace are now referenced as topics. Here’s an example of what this looks like.

These new set of items will be added to the topics API in the coming weeks. This feature is available for the Developer, Team, and Business Cloud plans.

GitHub Desktop now includes the option to run the application with a dark theme. The theme is currently
in beta while we evaluate feedback and make further adjustments.

Select a theme you by going to the Appearance tab inside of the preferences dialog and toggling
between the light (default) and dark theme.

In addition to the dark theme, today’s release includes bug fixes, community contributions, and
performance improvements.

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