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GitHub Desktop v1.2.4 now available

GitHub Desktop now includes the option to run the application with a dark theme. The theme is currently
in beta while we evaluate feedback and make further adjustments.

Select a theme you by going to the Appearance tab inside of the preferences dialog and toggling
between the light (default) and dark theme.

In addition to the dark theme, today’s release includes bug fixes, community contributions, and
performance improvements.

The GitHub for Unity 1.0 editor extension is now available for download from the Unity Asset Store and Version 1.0 includes:

  • File locking improvements: File locking management is now a top-level view within the GitHub window, giving you the ability to lock or unlock multiple files.
  • Diffing support: Visualize changes to files with the diffing program of your choice (set in the “Unity Preferences” area) directly from the “Changes” view in the GitHub window
  • Reduced package size: Previously, the package included full portable installations of Git and Git LFS. These are now downloaded when needed, reducing the package size to 1.6MB and allowing us to distribute critical Git and Git LFS updates and patches to you faster and in a more flexible way
  • Notification of updates: Get a notification within Unity whenever a new version is available. You can choose to download or skip the current update
  • Email sign-in: Sign in to your GitHub account with your GitHub username or the email address associated with your account
  • Improved Git and Git LFS support for Mac
  • A Git action bar for essential operations
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