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Project board issue and pull request detail view

You can now view and edit key information in issues and pull requests from within your project board.

Clicking on the title of an issue or pull request card opens a side panel on the right hand side of the screen. This side panel view allows you to make quick edits to select areas including, but not limited to, labels, reviewers, assignees, and description.

Take a look at the documentation for more information.

One of the most requested features for GitHub Projects has been to provide separate triggers for issues and pull requests. Today, we have shipped a change to manage issue and pull request automation rules separately within your project boards.

We’ve also added a new template for Bug Triage to manage this process easily with your teams and contributors.
Lastly, whenever a pull request is added to your project, it will automatically move into the In progress column to more accurately reflect ongoing work.

Take a look at the documentation for more information.

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