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GitHub Copilot Learning Pathway: Accelerate your business with AI

Learn what GitHub Copilot can help your business achieve in this expert-guided GitHub Learning Pathway, featuring insights from tech leaders at top organizations.

GitHub Copilot Learning Pathway: Accelerate your business with AI

Research shows that developers complete tasks 55% faster at higher quality when using GitHub Copilot, helping businesses accelerate the pace of software development and deliver more value to their customers. We understand that adopting new technologies in your business involves thorough evaluation and gaining cross functional alignment.

To jump start your organization’s entry into the AI era, we’ve partnered with engineering leaders at some of the most influential companies in the world to create a new expert-guided GitHub Learning Pathway. This prescriptive content will help organizational leaders understand:

  • What can your business achieve using GitHub Copilot?
  • How does GitHub Copilot handle data?
  • What are the best practices for creating an AI governance policy?
  • How can my team successfully roll out GitHub Copilot to our developers?

Along the way, you’ll also get tips and insights from engineering leaders at ASOS, Lyft, Cisco, CARIAD (a Volkswagen Group company), and more who have used GitHub Copilot to increase operational efficiency, deliver innovative products faster, and improve developer happiness!

Banner of logos representing the companies whose experts contributed to the Learning Pathway.

Select your GitHub Learning Pathway

NEW! AI-powered development with GitHub Copilot

From measuring the potential impact of GitHub Copilot on your business to understanding the essential elements of a GitHub Copilot rollout, we’ll walk you through everything you need to find success with integrating AI into your businesses’ software development lifecycle.

CI/CD with GitHub Actions

From building your first CI/CD workflow with GitHub Actions to enterprise-scale automation, you’ll learn how teams at leading organizations unlock productivity, reduce toil, and boost developer happiness.

Application Security with GitHub Advanced Security

Protect your codebase without blocking developer productivity with GitHub Advanced Security. You’ll learn how to get started in just a few clicks and move on to customizing GitHub Advanced Security to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Administration and Governance with GitHub Enterprise

Configure GitHub Enterprise Cloud to prevent downstream maintenance burdens while promoting innersource, collaboration, and efficient organizational structures, no matter the size and scale of your organization.

Learning Pathways are organized into three modules:

  • Essentials modules introduce key concepts and build a solid foundation of understanding.
  • Intermediate modules expand beyond the basics and detail best practices for success.
  • Advanced modules offer a starting point for building deep expertise in your use of GitHub.

We are hard at work developing the next GitHub Copilot Learning Pathway module, which will include a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of working alongside your new AI pair programmer. We’ll cover best practices for prompt engineering and using GitHub Copilot to write tests and refactor code, among other topics.

Are you ready to take your GitHub skills to the next level? Get started with GitHub Learning Pathways today.

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