At GitHub, we’re not just about offering you a powerful platform to orchestrate your software development strategy. We’re also committed to surfacing community expertise and knowledge, so you and your team can get the most out of GitHub. Today, we are launching GitHub Learning Pathways—prescriptive modules that build foundational knowledge, proficiency, and expertise through GitHub guided tutorials, combined with customer insights and best-practices from engineering leaders from forward looking organizations like Amplifon, Telus, Salesforce, Cariad, Datadog, DVAG, Itau, Stack Overflow, Coyote Logistics, and Hello Fresh.

The learning modules are organized into three different levels:

  • Essentials, to build a solid foundation.
  • Intermediate, to go beyond the basics.
  • Advanced, to build deep expertise.

Dive into the GitHub Learning Pathways now


From building your first CI/CD workflow with GitHub Actions to enterprise-scale automation, you’ll learn how leading organizations unlock productivity, reduce toil, and boost developer happiness.


Learn to protect your codebase without blocking developer productivity with GitHub Advanced Security. You’ll learn how to get started in just a few clicks and move on to customizing GitHub Advanced Security to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Administration and Governance

Learn how to configure GitHub Enterprise Cloud to help your team collaborate, no matter the size and scale of your organization.

So, are you ready to take your GitHub skills to the next level? Get started with GitHub’s Learning Pathways today.