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An enterprise account is coming to all Enterprise customers

Administrators, or enterprise owners, have the increased responsibility of managing their account and keeping it secure. We are excited to introduce what is new with enterprise accounts and what is coming soon.

An enterprise account is coming to all Enterprise customers

GitHub is the complete, integrated platform to give developers everything they need to be creative, to be happier, and to build their best. From an individual developer to an IT leader managing the account, GitHub Enterprise is the place for businesses to bring the best development tools to their developers. That is why GitHub Enterprise offers a robust administrative platform that continues to evolve in order to support the needs of all businesses.

Administrators, or as we like to call them enterprise owners, are responsible for managing their account and getting users onboarded. Managing an account ranges from implementing security measures to optimizing workflows.

Whether you’re a small startup or Fortune 500 company, we are making some key changes to better unify our enterprise experience and support our diverse enterprise community. Let’s dive in!

Balance flexibility with governance and auditability

Enterprise accounts are the top-most layer of the GitHub Enterprise management hierarchy, allowing enterprise owners to manage their GitHub environments. What this means is that the enterprise account sits above organizations, and is the main interface enterprise owners interact with.

The majority of the core administrative enterprise experience is contained within an enterprise account, which has the potential to use internal repositories to share actions across your teams, and enable audit log streaming.

Enterprise accounts enable companies to balance developer flexibility with governance and auditability.

They are an umbrella over organizations. Developers can work the way they want in organizations, while administrators can apply policies like SSO and 2FA once over all Organizations, and centralized billing.

Screenshot of the Enterprise Account page, in dark mode.

Enterprise accounts are most often viewed and managed by an administrator who works on setting up the account, adding users, and getting people started. To date, enterprise accounts have been primarily available to enterprise customers who only engage with our GitHub sales teams, and only support an invoice-based payment method.

We’re bringing enterprise accounts to more customers

Today, enterprise customers who pay via credit card or PayPal don’t have access to an enterprise account. We’re changing this. Throughout 2022 and 2023, we’re working to provide all GitHub Enterprise customers with an enterprise account.

In order to support this evolution, we are making a few changes – starting with providing new customers who create a GitHub Enterprise Cloud trial account with an enterprise account.

Enterprise accounts will be made available to all enterprise customers who opt for an enterprise trial as the first users of this unified experience. If you are a prospective enterprise customer, we ask for your patience as we roll out this new trial flow.

Enterprise accounts bring more tools for developers and administrators

If you’ve bought GitHub Enterprise Cloud and are paying by credit card or PayPal, GitHub will provide you with an enterprise account too, once this change is complete. This change is designed to make it easier for you to grow your business quickly and flexibly. It means you can manage multiple organizations under one umbrella, and easily re-home existing GitHub organizations into your enterprise account. And it means you’ll get access to some of our newest features that aren’t currently available to Enterprise customers who don’t have an enterprise account. Those features include internal repositories – which are the best way to share code across organizations within a company – and audit log streaming, which provides the best way to consume and store your audit logs, so you never lose an important event again.

Stay tuned

With this launch, GitHub Enterprise can support and grow with your business. Unifying this experience for our enterprise customers allows us to focus on enhancements that benefit all types of enterprises, big or small.

If you are interested in learning more, look out for further GitHub Enterprise blog posts and enterprise updates coming soon!

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