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The ReadME Project: Built for you!

The ReadME Project & Podcast evolve with community expert voices and topics to stoke discussion about the culture and craft of software development.

The ReadME Project: Built for you!

Sharing a project with the world takes guts. People generally open source their work because they’ve solved a real problem and want to share it with others. But open sourcing immediately commits the person and the project to rapid evolution through questions not anticipated, contributions never envisioned, and scrutiny that hopefully makes the project more useful for the masses.

The story of any sustained open source project is also the story of us, as individuals and together as a growing community. And like any good milestone retrospective, it’s the learnings that make the project, the consumers, and future contributors better.

We approach The ReadME Project through this lens. Our intent is to create a platform for all developers—regardless of career or learning stage—to be inspired and learn from stories of individuals and communities that are moving humanity forward. We hope you’ve found something in these stories to merge with your own journey.

And like an open source project, The ReadME Project has evolved in response to the community, with the team poring over data, feedback, and speaking directly with developers. You inform what we produce and share, so we have evolved content but the intent remains.

This is why you’ve hopefully noticed more articles around the craft and culture of software development. Featured stories that stoke discussions like why Java remains an ultra popular programming language and the future of the command line. As well as Guides and Q&As that share expert opinions on everything from career advice on getting your first software job and creating your own luck to learning how Shopify uses GitHub Actions to automate deployment of custom storefronts.

The written content evolution also informs our approach to The ReadME Podcast, which drops today with a refreshed format and new voices. Neha Batra is back and joined by new co-host Martin Woodward. They’ll introduce you to the people building the projects you use every day, speak to experts who will answer your questions, and dive deeper into our Featured Stories with The ReadME Project’s Senior Editors, Klint Finley and Mike Melanson.

And we want to build a continuous feedback loop with you! While there’s no pull request option for The ReadME Project’s format (🤔 perhaps something we should add to the roadmap?), please feel free to ask questions you want answered by our community of experts and it may be the topic of a future Q&A or answered during The ReadME Podcast. Just hit us up with your software development questions through Twitter or Instagram by tagging @github #askrmp or you can just send an old fashioned email to us at

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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