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The full lineup for Git Merge 2022 revealed

We are pleased to announce the full lineup of talks and workshops for this year’s Git Merge conference in Chicago. 17 talks, 3 workshops, 1 panel, and some great company!

The full lineup for Git Merge 2022 revealed

We are excited to announce the full lineup for Git Merge 2022 happening in Chicago, Illinois September 14-15 with the addition of three new workshops.

Tickets are available for purchase on the website.

With 17 talks, three workshops, one panel, and some great company we think this year’s Git Merge will be terrific! Tickets are available for $125 and all proceeds will be donated to the open source Git project.

Here’s what to expect on days one and two plus an overview of the (optional) workshops:

Day 1 Workshops

Day 1 will kick off in the afternoon with a number of workshops from GitHub’s Professional Services team.

Workshop 1: Git it right!

You’ll learn the basics of common Git commands. These include commands which help you examine repository history and state while also learning to manipulate history.

Exercises include:

  • Learning how to effectively use and understand the difference between commands such as git revert, git commit --amend, git reset, git cherry pick, and git rebase
  • Debugging technique using git bisect

Workshop 2: Simplify signing Git commits and tags with SSH keys

You’ll learn how to sign Git commits using the new OpenSSH feature. This is an alternative to the traditional method of using GPG.

Exercises include

  • Configuring Git to sign objects using generated SSH Key
  • Signing and verifying content

Workshop 3: Monorepo spring cleaning

You’ll work through exercises and get tips and tricks to help learn how to manage monorepos.

Exercises include:

  • Search and manage large binary files using simple Git tooling
  • Reduce overall monorepo size and increase performance with repository grafting

Day 2 Talks and panels

On day 2 you’ll mingle with and hear from members of the Git team, engineers representing Google, Twitter, Uber, GitHub, and more on everything from scaling and performance to deep dives into Git’s internals. View the schedule for details on all of the great talks.

Animated GIF summarizing speakers' sessions.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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