As Maintainer Month draws to a close, we want to celebrate and give additional support to the open source projects that we depend on. We rely on the work of hundreds of open source projects to build and run GitHub, npm, GitHub Desktop, GitHub Mobile, GitHub CLI, and all the software that we maintain. Therefore, today we are distributing $500,000 across the over 900 maintainers of our identified open source dependencies who are also signed up with GitHub Sponsors. From the U.S. to Japan to Brazil, if you’re one of the people or projects we identified then you will get a confirmation about the sponsorship before the end of June.

Recognizing maintainers

We strongly believe that for open source to be sustainable, companies that depend on open source need to contribute back. For some critical dependencies this can mean hiring full‐time developers to help maintain projects, or making it easy for developers in your company to contribute any fixes they may have developed.

Three years ago, we launched GitHub Sponsors to encourage individuals and companies to financially invest in the open source projects they depend on. Today, GitHub Sponsors supports 38 regions, and millions of dollars have been contributed to thousands of open source projects and maintainers.

Maintainer Month at GitHub

This June we hosted Maintainer Month to hold space for open source maintainers to gather, share, and be celebrated. We’ve partnered with various organizations, projects, and companies to run activities, events, and distribute resources. Many maintainers gathered at conferences, meetups, and on podcasts to share their experiences and support each other.

How you can support maintainers

Behind the scenes, maintainers are working daily to make open source better for all of us. Visit the Explore page to discover which maintainers you depend on and can support through GitHub Sponsors. There’s no time like the present! Start investing in the maintainers of the projects you depend on today.