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Release Radar · March 2022 Edition

Each month, we highlight open source projects that have shipped major updates. These include everything from world-changing technology to developer tooling, and weekend projects. Here are our top staff picks…

Release Radar · March 2022 Edition

Each month, we highlight open source projects that have shipped major updates. These include everything from world-changing technology to developer tooling, and weekend projects. Here are our top staff picks on projects that shipped major version releases in March.

Babylon.js 5.0

We featured Babylon.js in the November 2020 Release Radar. Since then, Babylon.js has come a long way. Many websites around the world are using this powerful web rendering engine. Our own GitHub Skyline site is built on Babylon.js. Their latest update includes infinite morph targets, an added animation curve editor, and even more support. Read all the updates and changes in the release notes.

Mantine 4.0

There’s a tonne of React projects out there in the open source world, and Mantine is another great one. It’s a fully featured React Hooks and components library. The latest update has four new components and Hooks. These are all supported in both light and dark themes. Version 4.0 includes a bunch of design improvements and over 20 new features. Read all the updates on the changelog.

Axentix 2.0

Speaking of components, Axentix is a framework with customisable components and utility-first classes, which allow users to build websites even faster. No more pulling your hair out over CSS classes! The latest update includes more CSS variables, new material forms, better support for CSS colours, more classes to help you create better effects, dark mode, and tonnes more. Scroll through all the changes on the changelog and read the DEV post.

Mitmproxy 8.0

The release of Mitmproxy version 8.0 brings a lot of cool new changes. Mitmproxy is an interactive HTTPS proxy. Now it includes asynchronous webhooks and a bunch of new web UI improvements. These new web UI improvements were made by a student as part of the Google Summer of Code 2021. If you’re a student who’s keen to contribute to open source, check out Mitmproxy’s open issue. They outline what they have planned with the Honeynet project for this year’s Summer of Code.

The new Mitmweb now renders TCP and WebSocket flows, offers direct cURL/HTTPie/raw HTTP export, has an experimental command bar.

JobRunr 5.0

Want an easier way to perform background processing in Java? JobRunr is a library for doing background processing on the JVM. The latest version now supports scheduling recurring jobs. There’s also support for Spring Native and the Mapped Diagnostics Context. There are lots more changes and you can read about them all on the JobRunr changelog.

LDtk 1.0

Short of Level Designer Toolkit, LDtk is a 2D level editor. This editor provides a user friendly, fun experience for designing games. If you’re thinking of participating in Global Game Jam, GitHub Game Off, or Ludum Dare, consider using LDtk to build your game. Congrats to deepnight on shipping your first major release after a year in development🥳.

neo.mjs 4.0

Browsers are ready for high performance apps, so give them what they want. Neo.mjs is a worker-driven frontend framework that allows users to create scalable apps. It improves browser performance and creates a fast experience for viewers. The new version adds ServiceWorkers to the mix, making web apps even faster. Read about how these changes lead to a faster web experience. Neo.js is used to power this cool COVID data visualiser and have it run seamlessly across multiple windows.

Front Matter 7.0

Featured in the January 2022 Release Radar, Front Matter is making waves when it comes to releases. Their latest version has new snippet support and a brand new dashboard. There are lots of enhancements including colour themes, panels, walkthroughs, and more. Read about all the changes in the release notes.

FeedbackFin 1.0

If you need to collect feedback on your website, FeedbackFin has you covered. This lightweight program allows you to add a feedback form to your site and send the results to a spreadsheet. You can customise the widget with styles, colours, and more. FeedbackFin comes from the same team who brought you Rowy. We featured Rowy in the September 2021 Release Radar. Congrats to Rowy on shipping another great project 🥳.

Release Radar March

Well, that’s all for this month’s top release picks. Congratulations to everyone who shipped a new release, whether it was version 1.0 or version 8.0. Keep up the great work! If you missed our last Release Radar, check out the amazing community projects from February.

We hope these releases inspire you to get involved in open source or update your latest project. If you are working on an open source project and shipping a major version soon, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our new Release Radar repository and submit your project to be featured.

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