If you’re an open source maintainer, you know that keeping the wheels of the open source ecosystem turning is quite a task. Project maintenance is uniquely challenging and rewarding work. Yet, as open source maintainers, we rarely get the opportunity to discuss the meta aspects of this role with our peers. Talks for maintainers are often scattered across various conferences, or are limited to discussions between collaborators at project-specific summits. It’s time to go beyond the 101 together.

Join us on June 8–9th for the Global Maintainer Summit

GitHub is hosting an inaugural Global Maintainer Summit: a free, virtual event on June 8-9. The content will be exclusively from maintainers and for maintainers. Anticipate a wide variety of short streaming talks, a hallway track via gathertown, and meeting like-minded peers in the open source community. Maintainers will discuss how they handle the daily complexities of their projects: How do you survive the onslaught of notifications? Is it possible to (gasp) take a vacation? What kinds of automation ease your workflow?

Ready to join us? Stay up to date at globalmaintainersummit.github.com. All attendees are welcome; you don’t have to consider yourself an open source maintainer to attend. Leave your imposter syndrome at the proverbial door. Learning best practices, mental models, and new ways of working from each other helps ease our individual burdens and elevate open source. Simply bring your excitement, and we’ll see you there!

Interested in sharing your own learnings with your fellow maintainers?

Let us know in the Call for Proposals. Talks can be serious, silly, or painfully vulnerable. The vibe is honesty. Maintaining open source isn’t easy, and behind the scenes, it isn’t glamorous. Maintainers will show how they identified and approached difficult problems, in short real-world examples. We’re especially interested in how you decided what the right solution was. The exact technical answer isn’t the same for all projects, but the question often is.

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Let’s make a week of it

It’s time to think bigger. The week of June 7 is Maintainer Week, a great opportunity for all kinds of projects, companies, and groups to have their own conversations about project maintenance and the folks who hold up our collective open source ecosystem.

In addition to the Global Maintainer Summit, other organizations will be planning activities, including Tidelift’s new event Upstream. Want to add something you’re organizing? Add yourself to the open source Maintainer Week repo. Whether it’s a special podcast episode, a streaming workshop, or a mini-summit, we’re looking forward to joining forces with everyone during this special week and beyond.

We can’t understate how much we’re looking forward to all this. See you June 8th and 9th to share our hopes, fears, and successes in keeping open source alive every day.