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GitHub Enterprise Server 2.19 is here

See what’s new for community and project management, developer productivity, and security in GitHub Enterprise Server 2.19.

GitHub Enterprise: new release 2.19

From automating workflows to working with the world’s largest open source community, there are lots of reasons teams love using GitHub Enterprise. Launched at GitHub Universe, our latest Enterprise Server release includes updates to security features, community and project management, and developer productivity tools for teams everywhere.

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More security features

Web Authentication (WebAuthn) security keys

GitHub now supports the WebAuthn standard for authentication, so you can use a security key for two-factor authentication across more devices and most major browsers.

WebAuthn security keys

Learn more about WebAuthn security keys

Dependency graph support for NuGet .vcxproj and .fsproj files

Updated dependency graph support adds security vulnerability alerts for .vcxproj and .fsproj files that list NuGet dependencies in their “PackageReference” section. If you have .NET repositories with these formats, expect to see dependency graph changes and security alerts in the coming weeks.

Learn more about support for NuGet files

Dependency graph support for scoped NPM packages

The dependency graph also now supports scoped NPM packages. Scoped packages like angular/angular will be listed in the dependency graph view, as well as in the “used by” and “community contributors” views.

Learn more about support for NPM packages

Improved community and project management

Expanded repository permissions

Repository permissions on GitHub used to be limited to read, write, and admin. At GitHub Satellite, we launched a public beta of our triage and maintain roles to empower administrators to delegate responsibilities to trusted members. These roles are now out of beta and available for all teams in Enterprise Server 2.19.

Expanded repository permissions

Learn more about permissions for organizations

New developer productivity tools

When you use a closing keyword to reference an issue in a pull request, the linked issue’s information will now be displayed in the header.

Better visibility for related pull request issues

Learn more about closing issues using keywords

Audit Log GraphQL API now generally available

The Audit Log GraphQL API is now generally available. With this update, Enterprise Server admins can programmatically access audit log events for detailed security and compliance insights across their organizations and repositories. We’ve also added support for new log entries like “repo create” and “delete”.

Learn more about GraphQL API v4

Explore more updates

Check out the release notes for a full list of updates

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