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Get over $100k worth of tools with the GitHub Student Developer Pack

The GitHub Student Developer Pack is now offering over $100k worth of tools to students with over 25 new participating partners.

Get over $100k worth of tools with the GitHub Student Developer Pack

The GitHub Student Developer Pack now offers over $100k worth of tools and training to every student developer, anywhere that GitHub is available. If you’re new to the Pack, it provides verified students with GitHub Pro at no charge while they are in school, plus free access to the best developer tools and training—thanks to our partners—so they can learn by doing. 

As the Pack continues to grow and shape the next generation of developers, we continue to listen. We’re here to better understand how you’re using these tools and what’s missing that you hope to see included. Whether you’re developing your portfolio, building a new desktop app, or creating an interactive map—the goal of the Pack is to provide you with the tools you need to be successful.

This year, the value of the Pack tripled during the Fall semester by adding nineteen new partners in October plus a dozen in September to the twenty-one who joined our long-time partners for Back-to-School. Let’s highlight the partners who joined us since our last post in August.

A few words from our new partners

We ask all of our new partners what motivated them to join the Pack. Here’s a sample of what they’ve told us:

When I was a student, I actually used the GitHub Student Developer Pack myself! It allowed me to test and learn how to use tools that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. The Pack was a great help!” -Floran Pagliai, Weglot

“The way that developers learn best is by getting their hands dirty, trying different things, and experimenting with a variety of tools. The Pack allows developers to do that and get exposure creating awesome projects outside the confines of the classroom.” -Naeem ul Haq, Educative

“Not many high school and even college students would ordinarily be able to afford [our tool.] Letting students try it will give us valuable feedback about what up-and-coming developers are looking for.” -Levie Rufenacht, Wisej

“The Pack opens new doors to students that were not accessible before. It basically gives them what’s needed to build a project from A to Z, lets them cultivate their curiosity, an essential quality for a developer, and free their creativity. Learning should know no boundaries.” -Julien Lehuraux, USE Together

Partner details

The following are our new partners and the tools and training they are providing, for free, to students:


  • Appfigures, app store analytics, optimization, and intelligence
  • Astra Security, security suite for your website, including firewall, malware scanner, and a managed bug bounty platform
  • BoltFlare, reliable, secure, and scalable managed WordPress hosting
  • BrowserStack, test your web apps, providing instant access to 2,000+ browsers and real iOS and Android devices
  • Codecov, implement code coverage easier to develop healthier code
  • Educative, level up on trending coding skills at your own pace with interactive, text-based courses
  • EverSQL, boost your database performance by automatically optimizing your SQL queries
  • HazeOver, get focused while working on projects or studying
  • Iconscout, design resources marketplace with high quality icons, illustrations, and stock images
  • Interview Cake, makes coding interviews a piece of cake with practice questions, data structures and algorithms reference pages, cheat sheets, and more
  • Kaltura, build interactive video experiences and advanced media applications
  •, managed Cloud hosting for developers
  • NetLicensing, cost-effective and integrated Licensing-as-a-Service (LaaS) solution for your software on any platform from Desktop to IoT and SaaS
  • Scrapinghub, battle-tested cloud platform for running web crawlers where you can manage and automate your web spiders at scale
  • Testmail, unlimited email addresses and mailboxes for automating email tests with powerful APIs
  • Typeform, interactive forms, surveys, and quizzes to engage and grow your audience
  • USE-Together, provides a remote pair programming and team collaboration tool
  • Weglot, make any website multilingual and manage your translations through a single platform
  • Wisej, build powerful web applications in Visual Studio with C# or VB.NET


  • Blackfire, Code performance measurement tool where you can find and fix bottlenecks
  • Canva, create professional looking graphics and designs, featuring thousands of templates and an easy to use editor
  • Covalence, provides an exclusive developer community and allows you to learn Full Stack web-development with no long-term commitments
  • Crowdin, cloud-based solution that streamlines localization management
  • Education Host, web hosting platform to host assignment and project work
  • GoRails, tutorials for web developers learning Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Turbolinks, Stimulus.js, Vue.js, and more
  • Honeybadger, exception, uptime, and cron monitoring
  • Mailgun, APIs that enable you to send, receive, and track email
  • One Month, learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python in just 30 days
  •, an online IDE that lets you instantly code in over fifty languages so you can start learning, building, collaborating, and hosting all in one place
  • Storyscript, top-level, cloud native programming language that helps you orchestrate data flow seamlessly between microservices
  • Vaadin, open source Java framework for building Progressive Web Applications

What can I do with the Pack?

Looking for ideas for how to use all the new tools? Take a look at these projects or check out GitHub Education’s Twitter and Facebook for suggestions.

Make a request

Have a tool you’d like to see included in the Pack? Let the developer know (and tag us) on social media using the hashtag #GitHubPack. Companies interested in including an offer in the Pack can apply to be a partner.

Get the Pack

Not yet a member of the Pack? It’s available for all verified students ages 13+, anywhere in the world where GitHub is available. Join today using your school-issued email, student ID, or other proof of current academic enrollment.

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