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The GitHub Student Developer Pack is back

The GitHub Student Developer Pack doubles in size, offering nearly $45,000 in value to students.

The GitHub Student Developer Pack is back

The GitHub Student Developer Pack is back for another school year. The program has provided over 1.5 million students the best real-world developer tools and training for free since its introduction six years ago.

Verified students who join the Pack receive GitHub Pro at no charge while in school, plus exclusive offers from our GitHub Education partners. More than doubling in size with 21 new partners, the Pack now represents almost $45,000 dollars in savings available to you during your time as a student.

As the Pack continues to grow and shape the next generation of developers, we’ve continued to listen. We’re here to better understand how you’re using these tools and what’s missing that you hope to see included. Whether you’re developing your portfolio, building a new desktop app, or creating an interactive map—the Pack was built to provide you with the exact tools you need to learn.

What we’ve heard about the Pack

Felix Meese, Business Development Manager at Phrase and new GitHub Student Developer Pack partner, says that the Pack presents a unique opportunity for students. “I believe the impact on students is enormous. It’s not often that a group of companies gives you all the necessary parts and says, ‘Okay, now go build your rocket ship!’”

Gergely Sinka, founder of ConfigCat (another company joining the Pack), says that experimenting with more real-world tools makes students more attractive to potential employers. “Development is all about knowing the building blocks. The more experience you have with them, the more valuable you can be. Be a Swiss army knife on the job market.” 

Amr Sobhy, CEO of PushBots and new Pack partner, says that he has personal experience with its benefits—so his company wants to pay it forward. “We started the company while I was a grad student and my co-founder was in medical school. We both had help from the Pack while getting started and we would love to give back!”

Partner details

We’re happy to announce that the following partners are joining the Pack this month:

  • Better Code Hub, online source code analysis service
  • ConfigCat, feature flag and configuration management service
  • Cryptolens, cloud-based software licensing platform
  • Gitpod, online IDE for GitHub
  • Frontend Masters, in-depth JavaScript, Node.js, and front-end engineering courses
  • Icons8, design resources including icons, UI illustrations, photos, and more
  • LogDNA, log management platform
  •, domain name registrar and web host
  •, browser-based computing environments
  • Phrase, cloud-based localization service
  • PushBots, scalable push notification system for mobile applications
  • SQL Smash, productivity plugin for SQL Server Management Studio
  • .TECH, domains for your tech startup, business, event, community, or publication
  • Termius, SSH client for desktop and mobile
  • TransloadIt, file uploading and processing service 
  • Working Copy, Git client for iOS that clones, edits, commits, pushes, and more

They follow these new partners, who quietly joined us this summer:

  • Bootstrap Studio, desktop app for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework
  • Microsoft Azure, set of cloud services to help you build, manage, and deploy applications
  • Netwise, turnkey data centre services for the hosting of critical IT infrastructure systems
  • PomoDone, Pomodoro time-tracking application to eliminate distraction, sharpen focus, and prevent burnout
  • SymfonyCasts, Symfony and PHP video tutorials and code challenges 

Plus, our longtime returning partners, including:

  • Algolia, hosted search API that provides support from frontend to backend frameworks and libraries
  • AWS Educate, reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services, free training, and collaboration resources
  • Axosoft, maker of legendary cross-platform Git client GitKraken and GitKraken Glo task tracking boards that sync in real-time with GitHub Issues
  • Carto, open and powerful platform for spatial data analysis, visualization, and application creation
  • Datadog, cloud-based infrastructure monitoring
  • DigitalOcean, simple cloud hosting built for developers
  • Flatiron School, the premier coding bootcamp for launching developers
  • Heroku, flexible, easy-to-use platform to deploy, run, and manage your apps
  • Jetbrains, provider of professional desktop IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and more
  • Namecheap, affordable domain registration, hosting, and management
  • Sendgrid, the world’s largest cloud-based email delivery platform
  • Sentry, error reporting that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in realtime
  • Stripe, web and mobile payment APIs, built for developers
  • Thinkful, courseware and mentoring to launch your career as a developer
  • Transifex, a localization platform that easily integrates with your code base
  • Travis CI, continuous integration platform for open source and private projects

And, with more partners joining every month, there’s always more to come.

What can I do with the Pack?

Looking for ideas for how to use all the new tools at your fingertips? Take a look at these projects or check out GitHub Education’s Twitter and Facebook. This semester, we’ll be featuring all-new “getting started” guides to help you get the most out of your membership.

Make a request

Have a tool you’d like to see included in the Pack? Let the developer know (and tag us) on social media using the hashtag #GitHubPack. Companies interested in including an offer in the Pack can apply to be a partner.

Get the Pack

Not yet a member of the Pack? It’s available for all verified students ages 13+, anywhere in the world where GitHub is available. Join today using your school-issued email, student ID, or other proof of current academic enrollment.

Get swag

What’s better than all the savings combined from the GitHub Student Developer Park? Stickers! Just joking—but if you want some free GitHub stickers for you and your classmates, just have your teacher register with us at Once their academic employment is verified, they can request swag and educational materials for everyone they teach—plus they’ll have access to free GitHub Campus Advisor training and be able to upgrade any GitHub organization they use for teaching or academic research to Team for free. 

Explore the latest offers in the GitHub Student Developer Pack

Welcome back, students, and have a terrific 2020 school year!

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