It’s no surprise that we believe the best software is built together. Users open issues to report bugs or request new features, contributors discuss potential implementations, and maintainers review proposed changes. But as a project and its community grows, ensuring that feedback and decisions are addressed can often be a full-time job on top of the work you’re already doing.

Historically, repository permissions on GitHub were limited to read, write, and admin. The only way to grant additional permissions to individual teams or members was to provide them with full permissions to modify a project’s source code. At Satellite, we launched a public beta of our triage and maintain roles to empower administrators to delegate responsibilities to trusted members. Today, these roles are now generally available.

New role details


The triage role allows users to more proactively manage projects without the need for write access to the code. These users are able to open and close issues and pull requests, request reviews from developers, and manage project milestones.


The maintain role allows users to manage a repository without access to sensitive or potentially destructive actions. These users are able to create and edit releases, push to protected branches, lock conversations, and manage interaction limits.

Role availability

These new roles are now available to all organizations on the Free, Team, and Enterprise Cloud plans. Organization and repository admins can apply the roles to teams and users in the Collaborators & teams tab of their repository settings page.

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