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What’s new in the GitHub and Slack integration

The GitHub and Slack integration now supports the Deployments API, Checks API, and draft pull requests.

What’s new in the GitHub and Slack integration

The GitHub and Slack app has a few new features to help you stay informed about your projects. The integration now includes added support for deployments, checks, and draft pull requests to further enhance your productivity in Slack.

Create deployments

Currently, the GitHub and Slack app allows you to take action on your repository using commands to open, close, and reopen issues or pull requests. Now you can use the Deployments API to list and create deployments in your repositories without leaving your Slack channel. In addition to the updates you already get in your Slack channels about what’s happening on GitHub, you can now list and create deployments, get the status of checks on pull requests, and get notified of new draft pull requests—all without leaving your Slack channel.

Use commands to:

  • List deployments on a repository with /github deploy [owner]/[repo] list
  • Create a deployment with /github deploy [owner]/[repo]

When using the command to create a deployment, a dialog prompts you to select which branch or tag will be deployed and to which environment. You also have the option to specify a task and a payload. These fields are explained in the API section for creating deployments.

To use these new slash commands, a GitHub organization owner or repository admin must accept updated permissions in the GitHub and Slack app. This request can be viewed in the Applications tab under settings, or in email notifications sent to relevant users.

View checks on pull requests

The GitHub and Slack app currently reports status updates on open pull requests, and now we’re expanding support to checks as well. Any pull requests opened in the last 30 minutes will push Slack message attachment updates from integrations using the Checks API. Try it out, and check out the GitHub Marketplace for Checks API compatible integrations.

Get notified of new draft pull requests

Draft pull requests was released earlier this year, and now it’s supported using the GitHub and Slack app. When a repository you’re subscribed to contains a new draft pull request, you’ll be notified in Slack. The message appears with a gray bar to indicate its draft status.

When this pull request is ready to be reviewed, you’ll also be notified so you’re aware that the work is no longer in progress.

Open source, open platform

The best collaboration happens in the open. This integration is available as open source and built with the same public APIs used by apps in the GitHub and Slack ecosystems. Visit the GitHub repository to contribute code, submit feature requests or bug reports, and learn more about how the app works.

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