A month ago, we announced the limited beta of GitHub Package Registry, a package management service that makes it easy to publish public or private packages next to your source code. Since then, we’ve been working with customers and partners to get their feedback. We’ve fixed issues reported by the community, incorporated several performance improvements, and announced that we’re partnering with Apple to integrate GitHub Package Registry with Swift Package Manager.

An update to the deletion policy

A recurring theme we’ve heard from customers and partners alike is that when a project depends on a package, the package should be available for as long as it’s needed within the project. To avoid breaking projects that may depend on a package, GitHub Package Registry no longer supports deletion of packages or versions through the GitHub UI or APIs. In exceptional cases, users can create a request to delete a package via GitHub Support, and we will work with authors to address their concerns. This is the first step in updating our policies based on the input we received. We’re open to feedback to better understand use cases and needs as we continue to improve GitHub Package Registry. More features and updates will come soon.

Expanding the beta

When we launched GitHub Package Registry as a limited beta, one of our primary goals was to release the product to users as soon as possible, and then quickly iterate on its functionality and features.

This week, we added 2,000 additional accounts into the beta program. If you received access to the beta, you should have already received a welcome email. If you weren’t able to get into the beta, check back soon—we’re adding more accounts periodically.   

Interested in providing feedback? Let us know using our contact form.

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