Today, we joined hundreds of developers in Berlin for GitHub Satellite, our global developer conference. To celebrate and support our interconnected community, we launched GitHub Sponsors to help fund open source developers, released new security features to enable more secure software development, and introduced new capabilities that address the needs of large organizations and enterprises. Check out more details below.


The open source community is the heart of GitHub and is fundamental to how we build software today. So, we’re thrilled to announce GitHub Sponsors to help financially support open source developers around the world. Starting with individuals, we hope to expand the ability for developers and communities to contribute and succeed in open source.

We’ve also launched the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund, where GitHub will match your contributions for the first year. This enables us to jump start the GitHub Sponsors program, while empowering you, members of the community, to choose where the funding goes.

Learn more about GitHub Sponsors and Matching Fund


Security challenges run from the open source maintainers managing the integrity of their code to the developers and businesses who depend on them every day. Our latest features help keep all code safe, one dependency at a time. From security advisories for maintainers to dependency insights for enterprises, we want to ensure that you can use code with confidence. We’ve partnered with Whitesource to provide richer data behind potential security vulnerabilities in open source projects.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve acquired Dependabot. With the help of Dependabot, GitHub can monitor and automatically open pull requests for your dependencies with known security vulnerabilities. With the right tools, we believe our interconnected community can help us all create software more securely and build applications users trust.

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We’re proud to play a role in the work of over two million organizations, including more than half of Fortune 50 companies. And they’re not just using GitHub—enterprises are adopting open source best practices internally and contributing to the community to step up their agility and innovation. Today, you’ll find new features that help companies collaborate and innovate with the open source community. From understanding which open source packages you use to providing better administrative and compliance tools, our new features build awareness of how your teams run on GitHub.

Learn about new features for GitHub Enterprise

Today’s releases are just the beginning. Our mission is to build the global platform for developer collaboration—connecting you to the millions of other developers and contributors that make your success possible. And, these announcements are an exciting step towards building a more supportive, secure, and interconnected community, together.