Calling all maintainers: We’re cohosting an event the day after GitHub Satellite you won’t want to miss.

You care about open source software, your community, and the people who depend on the software you maintain. Share your challenges, the problems you overcame, the best practices you’ve learned, and listen to the stories of others—all while making your community better.

Maintainerati is a one-day Open Space unconference organized by the new Maintainerati Core Team in collaboration with GitHub. The unconference aims to provide an open space for maintainers in Europe to gather, present, and discuss the unique and pressing challenges they see in a face-to-face setting.

Why attend Maintainerati?

You should attend because you create and maintain open source software—and it may be software that many others rely on. Yet you yourself may feel unsupported in many aspects of your work and feel the struggles of being a maintainer—work overload, inadequate resources, and other similar obstacles.

Maintainers need access to others who are sharing the same experiences, struggles and successes they have while running an open source project—this is where Maintainerati can help.


Maintainerati is open to all maintainers. Whether you’re the leader of a popular open source project or working alone, we’re all in this together. Join us to help build a more vibrant, inclusive, and thriving open source community.

Date: 24 May, all day (the day after GitHub Satellite)

Address: Spreespeicher Conference Center, Berlin

RSVP to join us at Maintainerati