Repositories are the heart and soul of GitHub. They’re your jobs, your passion projects, and the purpose you rally behind to build great things. People create amazing projects on GitHub every day, but pitching your hard work in a 100-character text description is a daunting task. To help you share your projects, we’re providing another medium—and it’s worth at least 1,000 words.

Today, we’re introducing Custom Open Graph Images to all repositories on Once you’ve uploaded an image, your project can put its best foot forward anytime someone tweets, references, or shares your public repository on any platform with Open Graph support. Get your audience’s attention, build your brand, and give your fans what they need to support you.

Starting now, you can set a custom og:image value for your repository on its settings page. We’ve even created a template for you to make designing it easier.

Please note: Some platforms have tag caching that may initially affect your link’s unfurling.