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See what’s in store at GitHub Satellite 2019

See who you'll hear from and what they'll cover at GitHub Satellite 2019 in Berlin May 22-23.

See what’s in store at GitHub Satellite 2019

GitHub Satellite, our largest developer event outside of the US, is heading to Berlin May 23—and we hope you’ll meet us there to explore this year’s theme: a community connected by code.

Whether you’re focused on growing a team or making your code more secure, this full day of sessions from leading developers, maintainers, and GitHub product experts has you covered. If you want more hands-on experience with products you’ll hear about like GitHub Enterprise and Actions, add on the optional Workshop Day (May 22) when you buy your ticket.

And early bird pricing is available for a limited time—get €100 off the regular price while you can.

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What you’ll hear

Here’s a look at what some of our speakers are talking about at Satellite. Check out the schedule for more session details.

Maintaining the maintainers: supporting independently run open source tools

Founder of Mehdi Medjaoui, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Floor Drees, and Red Hat Technical Program Manager K Rain Leander will debate whether formalized support like an accelerator program could keep maintainers motivated when they face issues like limited resources and trolling.

Open source for good: the people and projects driving change

Admas Kanyagia, Director of Social Impact at GitHub, will lead a discussion about the progress we’re making on social issues like class divides, climate change, and access to education with collaborative open source technologies, and how you can get involved.

Open source security: advisories and workflows to keep open source secure

Bryan Clark, a Senior Product Manager at GitHub, will discuss the ways security researchers, maintainers, developers, and enterprises are using data-driven security tools to help you prevent vulnerabilities and breaches.

Innersource: open source collaboration patterns beyond public FOSS projects

Isabel Drost-Fromm, an Open Source Strategist at Eurospace AG, will give you the tools you need to bring innersource to your team and share how she’s furthering innersource practices “to increase quality, speed, and developer joy” around the world.

Open source in the enterprise: using GitHub to run your Open Source Programs Office

Kathy Simpson, a Senior Director of Product Management at GitHub, will discuss how Open Source Programs Offices can be effective for running open source programs inside your enterprise—and share what’s ahead for teams on GitHub.

GitHub as a self-sustaining product for large-scale environments

Jannet Faiz, an Engineering Manager at Scout24, will share how her team has worked through challenges as they’ve scaled, including how they narrowed four different source code management tools to one.

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