As the seventh annual js13kGames competition comes to a close, a grand total of 274 games were submitted. Even more impressive, each one was created in a single month, using less than 13 kB.

We rounded up a few of our favorites featuring a number of different styles and genres. From dark shooters and pixelated beat ‘em ups to perplexing puzzle and platform games—enjoy some downtime this weekend and play them all (or fork and hack on them with your own customizations)!


UNDERRUN is a twin, stick shooter “in 256 shades of brown,” using webGL from @phoboslab. In this game, you must defend yourself from predators while figuring out how to restore power to fix all system failures. Sounds simple enough, right? See for yourself when you play this highly-addictive shooter (and enjoy the haunting music). Read more about how the game was created in the retrospective.

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@DennisBengs created the challenging puzzle game, Envisionator. The goal of the game is to escape a building on lockdown by giving a robot commands. What’s the catch? The robot needs you to give it each and every direction, step by step—one false move, and…well, you’ll see! Play Envisionater to see if you can escape.

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Things aren’t as black and white as they appear in ONOFF. Dodge spikes, jump over pits, and toggle between dimensions. Think you can overcome each level of traps? You’re in for a treat with this mind-boggling, fast-paced platformer from @starzonmyarmz and @braddunbar. Play it to see what we mean!

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The Chroma Incident

The Chroma Incident by @Rybar is also a twin, stick shooter but with a few more colors than UNDERRUN. The problem is the color’s been stolen by the Achromats, and it’s up to you to bring it back. Shoot your way through areas to reclaim those colors—give it a go!

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The Matr13k

Get nostalgic and relive some of the intense fight scenes with Neo from The Matrix. Use the arrow keys, S to kick and D punch your way through this JavaScript matrix from @agar3s. Can you find a way to the end of the rabbit hole before it’s too late? Play The Matri13k and test your combat skills.

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1024 moves

Not to be confused with 2048(!), 1024 Moves is a polished puzzle game from @GregPeck. Get the ball, and avoid the holes—what’s the catch? See if you can solve the entire game in less than 1,024 moves. Play and test your problem-solving skills.

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Geoquiz 2

Think you know a little bit about world geography? Or are you lost with even the simplest of directions? Prove how much of a geography all-star you are by playing Geoquiz2—or brush up on your worldly knowledge. You can even read about how @xem made the game in the GeoQuiz2 retrospective.

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@tricsi’s Spacecraft challenges you to collect as many data tokens as possible from the planets and moons of the Solar System. It’s easy—until gravity accelerates your ship, and you have to avoid obstacles along the way in, “space, the final frontier.” How far can you go before your probe goes offline? The only way to find out is to play on.

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Off the line

How are your gaming reflexes? You’ll quickly find out when you jump Off the Line to collect coins in this arcade tapper from @regularkid. Take your time to figure out the best way to collect coins, or go crazy with a timed, ultra difficult ULTRA MEGA MODE (if you’re feeling lucky). Play it and see how many coins you can collect.

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You are the commander of a long-forgotten expedition to a distant star, and there are forces out to get you. Survive waves upon wave of enemies in Exo, a space-based tower defence game brought to you by @scorp200. Play Exo to unravel the story, arm your base, and reclaim your expedition.

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Everyone’s Sky

You are in control of your destiny in this space-based exploration game. Will you fight for the good of all or make enemies by being evil? Forge alliances, study star systems, fight against enemy combatants, and more in Everyone’s Sky from @remvst.

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Submersible Warship 2063

In @herebefrogs’s Submersible Warship 2063, enemy submarines are invading, fast. Make strategic use of your sonar to identify targets and evade torpedoes. Can you beat them before they beat you? Stay off enemy radar, and fight on by playing Submersible Warship 2063.

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If you enjoy playing high-stakes puzzles, Re-wire was made for you. Bring the system back online by rewiring power nodes, but watch out for the traps! This game from @JMankopf will have you… wired to it for hours.

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This was such a difficult list to narrow down, as we enjoyed playing all of the JS13K entries. There are hundreds more to discover including a procedurally generated art game, an audio surfing game, and even a 13kB Battle Royale game—watch out PUBG and Fortnite!

View this year’s list of games from 13kGames

Do you have a favorite, a high score, or a fork of your own to share? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know with the #js13k hashtag.

Thank you to everyone who participated, all of the judges, and especially @end3r for running this great competition every year. Until next time! <3