Last week, hundreds of Git fans met in Barcelona for Git Merge 2018—the conference dedicated to your favorite version control tool—and even more people joined the sessions from around the world on our live stream. The event brought together business leaders, source control teams, and developers for two days of Git-focused activities, promoting goodwill and dialogue between companies that have a vested interest in the progression of Git and that employ Git contributors.

We donate all proceeds from Git Merge tickets to the Software Freedom Conservancy to support their work in improving and defending free and open source software.


Git Merge kicked off with a full day of workshops led by experts from GitHub and Praqma about topics like Git aliases, scripting, and simulating Git workflows.

On the second day, Brett Smith of Software Freedom Conservancy delivered a thoughtful keynote about how free and accessible software is the key to building the future. Then speakers from Mozilla, Microsoft, and other leading technology companies took the stage to discuss refactoring, automation, and the future of Git over the course of the day.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Git Merge! And we couldn’t have done it without our sponsors who came together to support the Software Freedom Conservancy and open source software at this important event.