From code review and project management to deployment and monitoring, you can choose the exact tools your workflow needs among hundreds of apps and services available on the GitHub platform.

Now it’s easier to connect GitHub to your deployment system of choice with AWS CodeStar’s new integration. Use GitHub directly within AWS CodeStar’s continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) toolchains, and manage your software release workflow including code commits, builds, and deployments for AWS applications in one place.

Each AWS CodeStar project template provides you with the option to use GitHub as your version control system for the software projects you build with AWS.

GitHub in AWS interface

When you create a new project with AWS CodeStar and GitHub, you’ll also be able to centrally track commits, issues, and pull requests from a single dashboard—making it easy to manage project activity across your CI/CD toolchain and simplify project management for your AWS applications.

AWS and GitHub integration

Start building with GitHub and AWS CodeStar today. And stay tuned for more integrations that bring together your favorite software development tools.

Connect GitHub and AWS CodeStar