Universe is just around the corner and we wanted to take one more opportunity to acknowledge our 2017 Community Partners. The following incredible organizations were kind enough to assist with scholarship ticket distribution this year and we are looking forward to seeing them at the conference this week.

Last month, we reached out to our Community Partners and asked them to share why diversity and inclusion matters to them—here are some of their responses.

“If technology is going to be used to solve some of the problems facing society today, the people who have experienced these issues firsthand must be on the development teams. Diversity and inclusion must encompass all things—not just race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and educational background. It must include the various backgrounds and life experiences that make up our society.”

  • Victoria Westbrook, Program Graduate and Director of Programs and Operations at Code Tenderloin

“We all benefit when we use everyone’s talents to make the world a better place. The more awesome people we have working on the world’s hardest problems, the better.”

  • Makinde Adeagbo, Founder and CEO of /dev/color

“Older Women Coders recognizes the inherent value in older STEM workers. We know that older STEM workers are an underserved market because our own needs are not being met.”

  • Julee Burdekin, Older Women Coders

“We believe that the difference that many refer to as a “technical mindset” versus a “non-technical” mindset is primarily cultural. Operation Code works to bridge that cultural gap with a welcoming environment and a friendly community.”

Conrad Hollomon, Operation Code

“It’s been proven that focusing on diversity and inclusion creates space for more voices to share knowledge, create ideas and thus solve problems better. That’s why we’re excited to attend the Github Universe conference, where there’s a focus on making sure those from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to learn, have their opinions matter, and solve problems with the best engineers in the universe.”

  • Albrey Brown, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Hack Reactor

We’re beyond excited to see these organizations represented at GitHub Universe. If you weren’t able to buy your ticket, there are a few ways for you to join us remotely. Watch from a viewing party in Berlin, London, or Paris—or tune into the livestream at githubuniverse.com/watch.