GitHub Universe, our flagship product and community conference, is just a few months away on October 10-12 at Pier 70 in San Francisco. Secure your spot with an early bird ticket or submit a speaker proposal if you’d like to lead a session.

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Early bird tickets are available now for $399 and include two GitHub keynotes, four featured talks, 40 breakout sessions, and after-party admission. You can also extend your Universe experience with a full day of hands-on workshops hosted by GitHub’s Training Team. Early bird pricing will be available until August 1, but don’t wait—they will sell out.

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We’re also calling for speakers to share ideas about tools, people, and businesses behind software during the GitHub Universe breakout sessions. There are 40 sessions and four session tracks this year following these themes:

  • Code: It’s the nuts and bolts of software. Which programming languages and frameworks are enabling you to build the next release or solve a tough technical challenge? What development environment and tools are you using to get your ideas into code? How is data and machine learning influencing what you’re building?
  • Architecture: Every technical decision comes with trade-offs. How do you plan for the future while tackling the practical technical problems you’re currently facing? Explore how distributed systems impact your application architecture, how an API-first approach informs what features you’re building, and how to balance performance, flexibility, and complexity with service-based applications.
  • Operations: Writing software is only half the battle. Shipping new code into production takes coordination between teams and an integrated set of tools. Share your experience maintaining a scalable infrastructure, connecting continuous integration and deployment systems, and extending your development workflow to include performance, monitoring, and resiliency.
  • People: Behind every line of code is a person writing it. How do we, both as individuals and teams, impact what software we build? Discuss the value of collaboration, the practice of managing engineers, the place of mental health and wellness, and the challenges of building community.

If you have a story you’d like to share with the biggest developer community in the world, we’d love to hear from you. All levels of experience—in speaking and software—are welcome.

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