Today, we’re building on our launches at GitHub Universe 2016—making it easier than ever to evolve and customize your workflow. Find integrations and put them to work in minutes with GitHub Marketplace, pair developer tools and fine-grained repository permissions with GitHub Apps, or build the exact tool you need with a new, production-ready version of our GraphQL API. Together, these tools give you everything you need to set up a custom workflow that grows with your goals.

GitHub Marketplace

GitHub Marketplace is a new way to discover and purchase tools that extend your workflow. Find apps to use across your development process, from continuous integration to project management and code review. Then start using them without setting up multiple accounts or payment methods. More than a dozen integrators have apps in GitHub Marketplace today, including Travis CI, Appveyor, Waffle, ZenHub, Sentry, and Codacy—with more coming soon!

Browse Marketplace or share what you’ve built with the GitHub community.

GitHub Apps

GitHub Apps (formerly Integrations) is now out of pre-release, giving you more control over what you build. As first-class actors, GitHub Apps take actions themselves directly through the API—no user impersonation (or user seat) required—and they have granular permissions to access only the content they need. Install them on an organization or user account, then give them access to the repositories of your choice. Learn more.

GitHub GraphQL API

The GitHub GraphQL API is fresh out of its Early Access program. Create your own tools with greater access to data than ever before using the same API that we use to build GitHub. Ask for the exact data you need in a single request and get updates in real time—no more hitting multiple endpoints or waiting for new ones after a feature has been released.

Get started with the GitHub GraphQL API documentation.

Recent updates

In addition to these new releases, we have a few more platform updates to share:

  • A new Git and GitHub integration for Atom is ready for your desktops. The integration provides first-class Git functionality and access to GitHub workflows without leaving your favorite editor. Try it out
  • The new GitHub Desktop Beta is now available. It’s built on Electron and offers a unified experience across operating systems. Best of all, it’s open source. Developers and teams can now customize and contribute to the client by adding features and extending to other operating systems. Get the app for Mac or PC

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