Organization owners can now limit the ability to delete repositories. The new repository deletion setting is available for all plans hosted by GitHub and will be coming to GitHub Enterprise soon.

The setting is enabled by default, allowing organization members with admin permissions for a repository to delete it. When the feature is disabled, only organization owners will be able to delete the repository.

how to set repository deletion settings

When deleting a repository, you’ll still see Danger Zone warnings. If the repository deletion setting is disabled and you are not an organization admin, you’ll get a message letting you know that only owners can delete the repository.

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Coming soon in the next GitHub Enterprise release

The next GitHub Enterprise release will include the same organization setting for repository deletion. In addition, there will be an appliance-level override that will limit repository deletion to only site-administrators.

The appliance-level setting is enabled by default. This allows users with admin permissions for a repository to delete it and defers to the organization-level repository deletion setting. If disabled, only site administrators will be able to delete the repository.

how to set GitHub Enterprise appliance-level repository deletion settings

When the appliance-level setting is disabled, users will see a similar message as they would at the organization-level when trying to delete a repository.

Documentation and support

For more information about limiting repository deletion for your organization, see our help documentation on deleting repositories. You can learn more about how repository deletion will work on GitHub Enterprise when the next version is released.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help!