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A sneak peek at Satellite sessions

Developers, community builders, and technical leaders from around the world are gearing up to share their experiences in fourteen sessions at Satellite on May 22. Here’s a closer look at…

GitHub Satellite, Printworks London, May 22-23

Developers, community builders, and technical leaders from around the world are gearing up to share their experiences in fourteen sessions at Satellite on May 22. Here’s a closer look at a few of the topics and presenters.

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Satellite speakers

Get excited for Satellite

“How to avoid creating a GitHub junkyard” with Lauri Apple of Zalando

When Lauri isn’t project managing Zalando’s core search engineering team, she’s spearheading the team’s InnerSource initiative. She’ll be applying her background as a former journalist and media strategist to a session about building a cohesive narrative on GitHub.

“In this talk, I’ll share insights gained from ‘editing’ Zalando’s GitHub repository so we can tell a better story. From 400+ projects of widely differing quality, reliability, and maintenance levels, we’ve winnowed our offerings to make our highest-quality work more discoverable. I’ll share how we used GitHub and other tools to create guidelines, categories, and processes that bring sanity to our storytelling. If your organization is facing similar GitHub-bloat challenges, or looking for ways to manage your repos more effectively, you’ll find some help here.”

“The power of the open source community” with Kat Fukui & Mike McQuaid of GitHub

Kat is a California-based Product Designer on GitHub’s Community and Safety team building tools that empower communities. Mike is a Scotland-based Senior Software Engineer and a lead maintainer of Homebrew on the side. They’ll be teaming up to share what they’ve learned about tapping into the power of the open source community to build the most successful people-powered projects.

“In this session, we’ll talk about what makes an open source project successful, and what workflow tools we’ve been building to help communities become happier places. Whether you’re a maintainer, existing open source contributor or looking to make your first ever contribution, this session will help you make the most out of the open source community on GitHub.”

“Openness at King: our journey towards collaboration with GitHub Enterprise” with Raul Pareja and Victor Martinez

Raul and Victor are build and configuration engineers at King, based in Barcelona and the UK respectively. They bring decades of experience in building integration and delivery environments to their session about collaboration among developer teams on GitHub.

“We’re excited to discuss how we’ve used GitHub Enterprise as a sharing and collaborative tool in our current workflow. We needed to boost collaboration between departments and game studios that fit the openness of our company, and while there were challenges along the way, this session will show you how we achieved that outcome.”

“Building a tech community within an African society” with Konrad Djimeli, GitHub Campus Expert

Konrad Djimeli is a student at the University of Buea, Cameroon, an open source developer, and a GitHub Campus Expert. He’ll share his experience with building software in African communities in his session.

“I’m helping build ‘the Silicon Mountain community’ known to be Cameroon’s largest growing tech community. It’s still very new and has gone through some refinement to get to where it is now. This talk provides some insight on how technology is being used to solve problems we are facing in this part of the world, and how we are overcoming challenges against all odds.”

“Demystifying the monolith” with Kir Shatrov of Shopify

Kir is a Developer Infrastructure Engineer at Shopify where he works on the core Rails platform. He shares his journey working on the oldest actively developed Rails monolith, Shopify, in his session.

“The Shopify codebase starts in 2005, contains a thousand models and 400 controllers, and remembers the very first Rails versions. Every day hundreds of developers are working on it and pushing new code into a single GitHub repo. How do you scale, not in the number of requests served per minute, but from the perspective of developer experience? How can you automate code reviews and prevent developers from shooting themselves in the foot? We’ve built tools to make developers happy working with monolith, and I’ll share our learnings at Satellite.”

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These are just a handful of the sessions you’ll be able to participate in at GitHub Satellite. Find more info about sessions in the Satellite schedule, and don’t forget to grab a ticket!

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