Brussels will play host to Git Merge 2017 in February, and planning is already well underway.

We’re building Git Merge to be welcoming to and supportive of everyone in the vibrant Git community. To this end, 100% of conference proceeds will once again go to the Software Freedom Conservancy to protect and further FLOSS projects. We are also pleased to offer scholarships as part of our commitment to accessibility and inclusion at GitHub events and to bring Git Merge to a wider audience.

The Git Merge scholarships consist of a number of discounted student tickets and complimentary tickets for people from currently underrepresented groups in tech. We reserve 10% of tickets to all of our events for scholarships and distribute them through partner organizations in the area serving technologists from underrepresented groups. The Git Merge 2017 partners are Rails Girls Belgium, part of the global Rails Girls movement for women in tech, and Operation Code which supports military veterans and their families learning to code.

Finally, for the first time, we are taking individual applications for scholarship tickets through the Travis Foundation’s Diversity Tickets program which makes it easier for events of any size anywhere in the world to reach a more diverse audience. Applications close on January 13th, so there’s still time to apply and spread the word!