GitHub Universe

Couldn’t make it out to San Francisco for GitHub Universe this week? We’ve got you covered. Every session from the main stage to breakout sessions are being recorded and live streamed on the GitHub Universe website starting today at 10AM. This is your chance to hang out with all of our featured speakers from home.


  • Opening keynote from Chris Wanstrath, CEO and Co-Founder, GitHub
  • Roman Mars will be doing his 99% Invisible podcast live from our stage
  • Fireside Chat with Bret Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder, Quip
  • Hear how The White House builds trust through data transparency from Clarence Wardell, Member of USDS
  • Join Benjamin, AI screenwriter of Sunspring, along with his human chaperones Oscar Sharp and Ross Goodwin, as we explore the potential of writing machines and augmented creativity
  • Learn about Open Source challenges from GitHub, Salesforce Desk, Netsuite, and more
  • Learn how your company can decrease time to market and increase ROI with InnerSource from Bloomberg, Line, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Walmart, and IBM
  • Hear how to actually make a difference with diversity and inclusion

Watch now

And much more. Head over to to the live stream now to check out the full lineup.