GitHub Universe

GitHub Universe will kick off on Tuesday, September 13, with a fun-filled day of training organized into distinct tracks for GitHub power users and dev ops specialists. Reserve your spot now with the purchase of a general conference ticket. All trainings will take place at Dogpatch Studios.

Track 1: GitHub power users

Getting Started with InnerSource

Open Source has taught us a lot about collaborating on and crafting world-class software. In this session, you’ll learn how to initiate an InnerSource transformation within your organization, so you may benefit, culturally and technologically, from the open source model.

Blasting Off with the GitHub API

New to API development? Come and get a head start with this guided tour of the GitHub API. You’ll learn what’s possible and pick up some reusable code you can apply to your own projects while following best practices.

Git Cozy

Sometimes mistakes are made. We’re here to help you win the admiration of your family, friends, and coworkers when those mistakes involve Git.

Track 2: Dev ops

The Plumbers Guide to the Galaxy: Implementing a CI/CD Pipeline with GitHub

Learn to navigate the ecosystem that GitHub enables in this comprehensive tour of CI and CD best practices.

GitHub Integrations & the Project Lifecycle

Make the most of your best-of-breed integrations with GitHub. Join Heroku, ZenHub, and Snyk as we dive into tips, tricks, and best practices.

Life Embetterment with Hubot

ChatOps isn’t just about automation. Hear about how to promote transparency, autonomy, and security within your organization.

Ask GitHub Services!

Want a chance to chat with experts about Git or GitHub after Training Day? Stop by the Ask Services booth at GitHub Universe (Sept. 14 – 15) to speak with a member of the Professional Services team. Sign up for this complimentary 30 minute session here.

Since we have a limited number of spots available, we’ll handle all on a first-come-first-served basis.