GitHub Universe September 2016

GitHub Universe kicks off next month in San Francisco. To make the conference accessible to more people and enrich the experience for all attendees, we’re excited to offer free tickets through the following channels:

  • Community Partners: GitHub’s Social Impact team is joining forces with some incredible nonprofits that work to increase the number of people in the tech industry who come from underrepresented backgrounds. Stay tuned to find out more about the organizations we’re partnering with and the opportunities they’re making possible.
  • Student Scholarships: All student scholarships have been awarded.
  • General Scholarships: The deadline to apply for a General Scholarship has now passed.

Please note that none of our Universe scholarships include travel or lodging expenses. A scholarship only covers the cost of the conference ticket. Scholarship recipients are responsible for arranging and paying for all their own travel/lodging expenses.

We hope to see you at Pier 70!