CodeConf LA June 27-29

From Rust and Raft to data and design, the full schedule for CodeConf LA is now live on In addition to the main event, we are hosting hands-on, 90-minute workshops led by experts in InnerSource, Neo4j, and Git. Admission is included in your CodeConf LA pass, but space is limited—RSVP to save yourself a seat. If you don’t have a ticket yet, pick one up today, and sign up for the workshop(s) of your choice.

Workshop topics

Transitioning to Innersource
June 27th 10:30-12:00pm, lead by Cedric Williams, PayPal
InnerSource applies the lessons learned from large-scale distributed open source projects to proprietary engineering. Benefits include increased delivery velocity, smoother collaboration, and higher-quality development.

This workshop examines the factors that keep software teams from collaborating effectively, explores the model of development used for Apache Software Foundation projects, and discusses ways to bridge the two approaches. You’ll learn practical guidelines and business justifications for building InnerSource practices in your organization, as well as some antipatterns to watch out for.

Experience with developing software in larger and/or older organizations and is recommended.

Demolitions and Dalí: Web Dev and Data in a Graph Database
June 27th 1:15-2:45pm, lead by Nick Doiron, The Asia Foundation
Neo4j is a NoSQL graph database based on links between records. This workshop uses Python code samples to walk through two real-world examples of linked data, including designing a graph database from scratch, for art and artists at the Museum of Modern Art, and analyzing demolition data by processing road network data from OpenStreetMap.

Dissecting Git’s Guts
June 27th 3:00-4:30pm, lead by Emily Xie, Recurse Center
How does Git work? We’ll use Git’s plumbing commands to dissect the underlying structures that constitute Git and discuss how it is essentially structured as a Merkle DAG.

In doing so, we’ll solidify our conceptual understanding of Git, exploring questions such as: How does Git store our information? What is at the heart of a branch? What is actually happening when you do a Git checkout? Or a reset? Why is data (almost) never lost in Git?


Each workshop is 90-minutes long and will take place on June 27th, the day before CodeConf begins, at the W Hollywood’s rooftop Loft. Your CodeConf LA ticket grants you access to any of these sessions.

About CodeConf LA

CodeConf LA is an annual three-day event dedicated to the open source community. This year’s conference is packed with sessions and celebrations focused on systems engineering projects, practices, and programs in the open source community. We’ll explore topics ranging from systems programming practices to operating applications at scale across more than 30 sessions, lightning talks, and workshops.

For more information on workshops and for the complete CodeConf LA schedule, check out or stay tuned on Twitter.