Technology has fundamentally changed the way people work. As businesses from every industry build more software, new challenges and opportunities arise. Join us at GitHub Satellite to glimpse how developers are using software to change the way their companies work.

GitHub’s VP of Product Kakul Srivastava will host engineering leaders from some of Europe’s best-known companies for a panel discussion. Hear from Tesco, Zalando, UBS, and KPN on why they’ve evolved their focuses on manufacturing, retail, finance, and telecomms to include significant investments in software development.


Meet the panel

Tesco Stores, Joshua Anderson, Technology Product Owner

Zalando, Eric Bowman, VP Engineering

UBS Thomas Sugden, Executive Director

KPN, Jerry Caupain, IT Architect

About the discussion

Championing modern development practices

The move to modern software development practices often starts with small projects championed by individual developers. During the panel, we’ll discuss the evolving role of the developer, how to advocate for change within your organization, and challenges for securing support from executives.

Trade secrets: tools, integrations, and organizational structures

This panel gives you a chance to peek behind the curtain of Europe’s leading companies to see how they organize teams and people around software, the tools they can’t live without, and the creative ways they integrate with GitHub.

From InnerSource to open source

No discussion on modern software development would be complete without an exploration of open source. We’ll ask panel participants about their strategies for organizing around, consuming, and contributing to open source software projects, and how it impacts their developers.