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Git Merge is sold out: see what’s on tap

Git Merge kicks off in less than a week in New York City on April 5th—and tickets are already sold out! The conference will bring together Git contributors, source control…

Git Merge is sold out: see what's on tap


Git Merge kicks off in less than a week in New York City on April 5th—and tickets are already sold out! The conference will bring together Git contributors, source control teams, and end-users from around the world for a full day of sessions, trainings, and networking. Here’s a peek into some of the talks and workshops you won’t want to miss:

Tips and tricks

Ready to brush up on your Git skills? Check out these sessions:

  • Emma Jane Hogbin Westby will teach us about making the Git on-boarding experience easier for others.
  • Charles Bailey from Bloomberg will uncover techniques and tools for letting all team members—especially those less familiar with advanced uses of Git—easily migrate their work in progress to the new history.
  • Tim Pettersen from Atlassian will cover the computer science behind Git LFS’ internals and architecture, as well as CLI usage and how to build an effective Git LFS workflow for a development team.
  • Ryan Hodson from Cloudflare will discuss streamlining the static website development workflow.
  • Spencer Krum from IBM will share his favorite command line tricks to make the Git experiences more straightforward.
  • Syste Sijbrandij from GitLab will walk us through the essential steps of making the collaborative DVCS workflow a reality at any company.
  • Emily Xie from Wayfare will dissect Git’s plumbing commands to uncover what’s going on behind the scenes.

A look inside

Discover how some of the most interesting companies in the world are using Git:

  • Greg Kroah-Hartman from The Linux Foundation will kick off the day with a discussion around how Linux is developed, how fast it is happening, and how we all try to stay sane keeping up with it (hint: Git is the reason).
  • Patrick Reynolds from GitHub will explore the challenges GitHub encounters when working at the scale of billions of operations per day.
  • Lars Schneider from Autodesk will recount their journey to on-board 4000+ engineers with 200+ different code bases.
  • John Haley and Hamid Shojaee from Axosoft will describe the creative (and oftentimes argumentative) process of GUI development.
  • Saeed Noursalehi from Microsoft will share the journey—both social and technical—of moving the majority of Microsoft’s product development onto Git.
  • Juan Pablo Buritica from will teach us to stay relevant by looking at the surprising parallels between modern kitchens and effective engineering teams.

Expert trainings

You’re invited to join some of the best Git trainers in the world for deep-dives into a variety of topics:

  • Scripting Git
  • Get out of (almost) anything with Git
  • Making the switch to Git LFS
  • Mastering git-imerge

After party

At the end of the day, join us at SpinNYC for our afterparty, sponsored by GitLab. With 17 ping-pong courts, a special appearance by two world champion players, and a light selection of late-night snacks, you won’t want to miss this celebration.

Live streaming

Want to join us but can’t make it? We’ll be live streaming the main sessions throughout the day on our website,

Special thanks

Git Merge would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. Special thanks to GitLab, Atlassian, Bloomberg, Compose and SAP for joining us as partners for this event.


Git Merge will be held on April 5 at New World Stages (340 West 50th Street, New York City, NY 10019). For more information, visit

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