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If you’re inspired by collaborative software design, be sure to check out these GitHub Universe sessions, which will explore how open source continues to change the way developers build great software.

Building Communities Around Open Source Security Software

For the past year, Facebook has been building community trust and fostering empathy through the use of an open source security tool. Christine Abernathy and Teddy Reed will be sharing their experiences around osquery and their open source communities.

Christine Abernathy is a Developer Advocate on the Open Source team at Facebook, with previous Developer Advocacy roles with Parse and Facebook Platform. Teddy Reed is a Security Engineer at Facebook developing production security tools. He is passionate about open source and collaborative engineering when scale, resiliency, and performance enable defensive and protective software design.

Open Source Principles for Internal Engineering Teams

The open source process has proven adept at producing high quality software that can be built, maintained, and adapted at scale. Join Brandon Keepers, GitHub’s Open Source Evangelist, as he examines how “inner-sourcing”—adopting open source philosophies and workflows—can improve internal engineering teams.

An engineer by trade, Brandon Keepers believes open source is a fundamental to building great products, and great products sustain healthy open source projects.

The Importance of Positive Feedback

In the tech community, positive and constructive feedback is the foundation upon which we build a safe environment to learn, teach, and improve code skills. One Medical Group’s Enrique Mogollan explores why these environments have made the Ruby community attractive for many people.

Enrique Mogollan‘s experience as software engineer ranges from backend and web applications to integrations and open source projects. He believes that collaborative environments are the key to promote quality code and improve software design.

Check out the full schedule of sessions here. We hope to see you next week!