We wanted to involve sponsoring companies in memorable ways at or our inaugural GitHub Universe conference. On October 1-2, you can expect to enjoy art installations, delicious coffee and juice, comfortable lounges and entertainment contributed by these organizations. Check them out!


The official conference after-party at the Village, featuring interactive installations by CODAME, music by Mike Relm and surprise guests, is brought to you by Huawei.

Lounges are sponsored by Heroku, Microsoft, and AWS. Make sure to thank them when you’re kicking back and enjoying some quiet time on a comfy couch.

Our installation sponsors, Travis-CI, Waffle.io, Target, GitKraken, and Digital Ocean will integrate visual art into your GitHub Universe experience. Look for their logos in eye-catching designs around Pier 70. As our scavenger hunt sponsor, Twilio will engage you in an interactive search for clues that unlock one-of-a-kind prizes.

Compose.io will keep you caffeinated with delicious Ritual coffee. Stack Overflow will provide a gorgeous custom-branded notebook so you can jot down all the pearls of wisdom delivered to you by our great roster of speakers.

Appnovation and Cisco are also supporting Universe as community sponsors.

Interested in grabbing a last minute sponsorship? Take a look at the prospectus and shoot us an email to discuss how we can partner with you to make GitHub Universe even better.

You still have a chance to grab a ticket! Get yours now before we sell out.