As VP of GitHub’s Social Impact team, I am thrilled to share some news about our upcoming conference.

Conferences like GitHub Universe represent an opportunity for people from all over the tech community to come together to explore the challenges faced by software developers worldwide. When a wide range of points of view are represented, the value of the conversation increases.

However, the average cost of a conference ticket can create a barrier to entry for some, and the Social Impact team believes it is critical to break down those barriers for groups that have been excluded from tech and the open source community.

We couldn’t be prouder to have partnered with the following organizations to distribute GitHub Universe tickets:

We’ve also instituted a scholarship program to make tickets available on an individual basis to those who might otherwise have difficulty attending the conference. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship ticket, please send an email to socialimpact@github.com, detailing how you will benefit from going to GitHub Universe.

Want to help out? Head over to the registration page and buy a scholarship ticket that will then be donated to a worthy applicant.

I hope to see you in the audience at my GitHub Universe session! Don’t forget, if you want to book a hotel room at the discounted rate, today is the last day to do it, so grab your ticket and your room now.