Meetup in Taipei, Taiwan

Image of Mu-An Chiou

我(@muan)和 @johndbritton 這幾個禮拜正在台灣做教育推廣,希望能夠藉這次機會和更多喜歡 GitHub 的人碰面交流。我們決定在這週四(3/26)晚間辦一場見面會,歡迎大家一起來和我們聊聊天。參加資格沒有任何限制,有興趣的大家都很歡迎來唷!


  • 3/26(四)晚間七點半
  • All Day Roasting Company
    台北市松山區延壽街 329 號(近捷運南京三民站)

@johndbritton and I (@muan) are in Taipei to do a bunch of campus visits, and we’d like to take this chance to meet with more of you. Join us after dinner in the evening of March 26th for drinks on GitHub. We’d love to see you there, everyone is welcome!


  • Thursday March 26th at 19:30
  • All Day Roasting Company
    No. 329, Yanshou St, Songshan Dist.,Taipei (Closest to MRT Nanjing Sanmin Station)