Patchwork Night

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Next Thursday, March 27th, we’re hosting another Patchwork night at GitHub HQ! Patchwork nights are hands-on learning Git and GitHub.

Patchwork night is great for people new to Git and GitHub. By the end of the night you’ll have your first pull request on an open source project merged and green squares on your contribution graph!

If you want to help mentor future open sourcers, this night is for you, too. You and Hubbers will help attendees with questions throughout the workshop. If you completed the workshop in January, you’re ready to mentor, and we’d love to see you again!

We got great feedback from the last event and are going to build time into the night to talk about getting involved in open source and workflows. Myself, @muan, @alysonla, @mdo, @chrissiebrodigan, other Hubbers and the mentors will all be on hand to answer your queries!

Also, no coding experience required! RSVP here.


  • For: Git and GitHub beginners
  • When: Thursday, March 27th, 2014 6p – 9p
  • Where: GitHub HQ, 88 Colin P. Kelly Jr. St., San Francisco, CA

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