John Britton and Matthew McCullough will be making a trek across Japan to host a series of talks and drinkups. We’d love to have you join us for one or more of these events happening in November.

All of the talks will be given in English, with live translation into Japanese.

Talk — Git and GitHub Foundations

Our Foundations class helps you, as a newcomer to GitHub and Git, fully grasp the concepts and application of distributed version control so that you can effectively begin using this productivity-enhancing suite of tools. During this live training course, we’ll explore the foundations of GitHub and Git through practical every-day commands and processes. We’ll conclude with workflow ideas and practical tips that will get you on the road to mastery of this revolutionary version control system.


Date City Details Registration
16 Nov Tokyo 13:30-18:00 @ Amazon Japan Registration required
18 Nov Fukuoka 18:00-21:00 @ Frac Registration required
20 Nov Kobe 19:30-21:00 @ Space Alpha Sannomiya Registration required
21 Nov Osaka 18:00-21:30 @ Yahoo! Japan Registration required
22 Nov Kyoto 19:30-21:00 @ Hatena Registration required

Talk — Git Internals: Graphs, Hashes, and Compression

Git is a version control system built on well known patterns in computer science. It exposes a powerful library of low-level routines available to users and developers alike. These can come in handy as powerful development tools you can use to extend Git itself. Come and learn how to add and commit files, create branches, and merge, all without using any of the commands you would expect.

I will take you to the very bottom. The floor. The code. The algorithms. The directed acyclic graph of hashed bit sequences made efficient through LZW compression and deferred garbage collection determined by node reachability via hash relationships.

We want and need to know precisely how things work. Let’s dig into the guts of Git.


Date City Details Registration
15 Nov Tokyo 17:00-21:00 @ Yahoo Japan! Registration required
17 Nov Nagoya 17:00-20:00 @ Ateam Registration required
19 Nov Kyoto 17:00-21:00 @ Kyoto Research Park Registration required

Drinkups in Japan

We haven’t confirmed all of the details yet, but we will be hosting a few drinkups in Japan as well. Keep an eye on the blog for announcements.