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GitHub Game Off II

We ran our very first game jam last year and had so much fun, we decided to throw another one! The Challenge You have the entire month of November to…


We ran our very first game jam last year and had so much fun, we decided to throw another one!

GitHub Game Off Game Jam

The Challenge

You have the entire month of November to create a web-based game loosely based on the theme “change”.

What do we mean by loosely based on “change”? We literally mean, loosely based. Some examples might be a FPS where you throw the loose change in your pockets at the enemy or perhaps a puzzle game where you have to change form to overcome obstacles.

Your game. Your rules. You can participate either as an individual or as a team. You’re encouraged to use open source libraries, frameworks, graphics, and sounds in your game.

The Prizes

We’re giving away shiny new iPad Airs (16GB models) to our 5 lucky winners. Runners-up will receive a $100 credit for the GitHub Shop, where they can grab some of our :octocat: shirts, hoodies, stickers, and more!

All winners and runners-up will be showcased on our blog.


We have a handful of judges who are eager to play your games!

The Rules

  • To qualify for entry, you must fork the github/game-off-2013 repository to your individual or organization account. Not sure which account type would be best for you? Check out this handy help article, which explains the differences between the two types of accounts.
  • All entries must be web-based, i.e. playable in a browser. HTML5, WebGL, Unity, Torque 3D, Node JS, and Flash are all possible – just be sure the source is made available on your fork.
  • You must be over the age of 13.


  • If you don’t already have a GitHub account, sign up for a personal account now – it’s free!
  • Fork the github/game-off-2013 repository to your individual account (or to a free organization account).
  • Be sure to follow @github on Twitter for updates.
  • Make sure your code is pushed to the master branch of your forked repository before Dec 1st!
  • Make sure you have a README file that includes a brief description of your game, what open source projects (if any) you used, and a screenshot.
  • Your repository should have a brief description and the playable URL entered into the fields shown below (this will make our judging process easier):


Comments / Questions / Help

  • New to Git, GitHub, and/or version control? Check out our help documentation to get started!
  • Questions about Git/GitHub? Please email and be sure to include ‘GitHub Game Off’ in the subject.
  • Questions specific to the GitHub Game Off? Please create an issue. This will be the official FAQ.
  • The official Twitter hashtag is #ggo13.

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