Tim Berglund is in Oslo, Norway for his third year of the amazing JavaZone conference. And when he’s in Norway, he wants to host drinkups.


The drinkup will return to last year’s venue, Cafe Con Bar, just around the corner from the Oslo Spektrum. We will enjoy some 🍺 together as we discuss the finer points of Git, GitHub, and the rather vigorous state of tech in Norway. Mathematicians are right now working on a formal proof that a good time will be had by all, and their work is showing some promise. It’s a pretty safe bet that you should come.


Sunday, September 16th at 8:00pm


Cafe Con Bar at Brugata 11, 0186 Oslo, Norway (22 05 02 00)

Cafe Con Bar

Cafe Con Bar Sign

How Awesome?

Last year, the drinkup was this awesome:

2011 Oslo Drinkup Awesomness